Will AI and Bots Take Over Your UX Job


Will AI and Bots Someday Take Over Your UX Job?

A Random UX Thought for the Day

So are you a UX Designer, Product Manager or Developer wondering;

“Will I be replaced by AI or Bots?”

I think at some point the answer *may* be yes. But don’t panic just yet, because you see, it’s complicated.

As technology moves relentlessly forward we find new and better ways to get things done. This can mean that what we used to have to do, we no longer need to do.

Take for example, the buggywhip.

Buggywhips-UX-AI-Bots-Useful-UsabilityAt the turn of the last century, there was a whole industry devoted to producing buggywhips.

What’s a buggywhip?

You know, those things that people needed because they were so effective at getting horses to go faster.

There’s probably still a few around today, but nowadays they are probably used by those people with a more kinky side, on other people. Let’s just leave it at that to keep this post from heading into a potentially unsafe for work situation, shall we?

Anyway, I digress.

So there were lots of people, and lots of jobs at the turn of the last century focused on making the best buggywhips money could buy.

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But when the automobile came around, the market for buggywhips quickly started drying up. The jobs that those buggywhip makers had also started drying up.

And here’s the interesting thing. Those people that were making buggywhips didn’t just pass away from lack of work. Instead, they did other things, some of them with new and better jobs working in the very automobile manufacturing industry that was replacing the horse and buggy.

Fast forward a hundred years or so.

Today we all have jobs that didn’t exist back then, or even 20 years ago, and probably would amaze those buggywhip manufacturers. We have jobs like UX Designers, Information Architects, App Product Managers, UX Researchers and many more. None of that existed until relatively recently in history, yet here we are, working away in these industries today.

So, yes, AI and Bots and technology are coming. Some of the things we used to do today may actually be done better by those new technologies in the future. Some not.

Either way, what we are doing today will probably be very different from what we’re doing 20 years from now, and especially 120 years from now!

So fear not! IF AI and Bots do someday get into UX, more than likely you’ll already be doing something different, and better!

But that’s just my take on the future of UX. What do YOU think? Leave a comment below and share YOUR thoughts!


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