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UX Personas Introduction Video for UX Design or Research.

UX-Personas-Introduction-UsefulUsability-326x235UX Personas introduction video explains what a Persona is, the types of Personas, and why Personas are so absolutely critical to UX designers, developers and researchers.

The UX Personas introduction video by Craig Tomlin will explain why Personas are critical for any design, development or research projects. This brief video provides an introduction into what a Persona is, the general types of Personas, and why Personas matter. This is a perfect video for UX beginners or those interested in expanding their knowledge of Personas. This is Part One of a Two Part Series on creating UX Personas. You can also view part one of the two part How to Make a UX Research Persona video series.

What’s a Persona?

In this video you will learn that a Persona is a fictional representation of the most common users, based on a shared set of common critical tasks. The video will explain why critical tasks are so important to Personas, and to you.

With a good Persona, you should be able to answer any questions in designing or researching UX to align the user’s critical task needs to the functions or features of the project.

Personas that are too general (or too specific) will make it hard or impossible to answer those questions, which means the Persona is not as good as it should be.

Watch the UX Personas Introduction Video

Types of Personas:

There are two general types of Personas.  If you search on Google for UX Personas and review the images in the results pages you will see thousands and thousands of varying versions of Personas, of which no two seem to be identical. This can be very confusing, but in fact there are generally only two types of Personas.

The first type of the two general types of Personas include UX or Usability critical task-based personas. This type of Persona will have critical tasks specified. We will see in the video why this is so important to this type of Persona.

The other general type of Personas include marketing or product development Personas, which are almost identical except for the fact that those Personas typically do not include critical tasks. A Persona in this group may also be based more on demographic and related aggregate data versus actual field research and observation of actual users (which is more common with UX Personas).

The biggest mistake UX teams make when testing and optimizing the usability or the user experience of a website or application is NOT having a carefully defined UX Persona or set of Personas. Without that Persona, any UX research or testing will almost always be flawed to some degree.

Why Personas Matter:

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In the video we will identify why Personas should matter so much to you, and why you need a Persona. This is probably the most important point of this video so definitely watch this part. The fact is that Personas are critical to design and UX research success.

There are three main reasons why UX Personas are so very important for you, and they include;

  1. Design Decisions. To make the hundreds and thousands of user experience design decisions that need to be made with any UX project. By evaluating each decision against the yes/no of whether it helps the Persona achieve their goals, all those decisions become easier. This is also true for UX research in which the Persona is critical for finding valid test participants for your research project.
  2. Quality Checks. The Persona is your tool for pre-emptive quality checks, especially for those of you using an Agile development approach. If the team cannot confidently look at a function or design and agree that it benefits the Persona, then that function or design should be re-evaluated immediately.
  3. Scope Creep. The Persona ensures that everyone agrees on the final destination and so it can greatly help reduce scope creep or potentially negative changes in the design as the program is developed.

UX Personas Introduction Video in Conclusion:

UX Personas introduction video is a great video for UX beginners or seasoned experts. In this brief video, you will learn exactly what a UX Persona is, the types of Personas, and why Personas matter.

Watch this video to learn that by focusing on Personas, you focus your design or UX activity on the single most important thing, which is the people who will use your service, device or app.

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