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UX and Usability Resources to Help You

In this brief video I provide several recommendations for where to get quality UX and usability resources based on my 20+ years of experience in UX and usability consulting. This list is personally curated by me. Watch the UX and Usability Resources Video

UX and Usability Resources Video Transcript

Hey again! Craig Tomlin with UsefulUsability.com, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about UX and usability resources. Where to go to get more information and more tips about; UX tools, UX strategies, UX tactics. And I wanted to share a couple of very cool resources with you.

First and foremost is my site, usefulusability.com. I’ve been doing usability and UX consulting for roughly 20 years now. And I’ve kind of built up a list, or short list if you will, of some of the cool UX research tools that I think can help to do a really great job of informing as well as some awesome tools you can use to gather information and data on how to make better user experiences.

It’s all on my site, usefulusability.com and right at the top of the page is resources. So if click on that and go to Resources you’ll see a variety of information that I have for you, that I think is something you should consider.

List of Resources on the Resources Page

First and foremost is usability.gov. Interestingly enough people don’t associate the government, or at least the U.S. government with good usability and UX. But they have a very cool tool. It’s a lot of information that they’ve provided that makes it very easy and very (laughs) honestly very “usable” to find information and UX details including:

  • Guidelines
  • Tips
  • Suggestions

Usability.gov, great resource.

Another very cool tool is usability glossaries. I happen to like the usabilityfirst.com glossary. I think it’s pretty comprehensive. It has a variety of UX terms and usability terms that you may find come in handy as you’re going through your career in UX and UX design.

A couple other tools that I’d like to mention briefly is the Google UX Design. That’s a variety, honestly a big variety of tools articles and tips that Google provides totally free. And then another one is Design for Apple Developers, and no, you don’t have to be a developer to use all the very cool things that Apple provides in their design area. Again, a lot of information, some very cool tools, some great guidelines. Apple really does a great job of providing a thorough amount of information on UX, UX design and usability.

Last but not least is the Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction by my friend Mads, who runs the Interaction Design Foundation and Interaction-Design.org. Lots of articles with great information about UX, UX design, usability. You could spend many, many, many days reading through all this great information. It’s all right there and the awesome thing is all of these resources are free.

Conclusion: UX and Usability Resources

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So, if you are looking for handy UX and usability resources please come to my page, visit usefulusability.com, click on Resources. You’re going to find all the resources that I mentioned here in this video, and you’re going to find a lot more. So, great handy tool for you to use, feel free to go there and use all those tools that I mentioned plus all the other ones that are in there as well.

So that’s it for me! Quick information on how to find UX and usability resources. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me, you know how to get a hold of me, Craig at usefulusability.com, and I’ll look forward to seeing you real soon. Take care and have a great day!