UserZoom Acquires WhatUsersDo


UserZoom Acquires WhatUsersDo the popular European UX Research Tool

userzoom-logo-useful-usabilityUserZoom, the powerful UX Research Tool for remote usability testing has acquired WhatUsersDo, the European-based remote usability testing tool for an undisclosed sum.

For those of you keeping score, UserZoom, under the helm of Co-Founder and CEO Alfonso de la Nuez has been on something of a growth spurt recently. In 2016 UserZoom acquired YouEye, incorporating their list of remote usability testing participants into the UserZoom family.

UserZoom is a UX research and usability testing company that among other UX research tools enables firms to conduct remote unmoderated think out loud usability tests of websites and apps.

UserZoom Co-Founder and CEO Alfonso de la Nuez noted:

“Thanks to WUD’s remote usability platform and international panel, we are now able offer even more robust and versatile research and sourcing options to our customers. We will be able to take a big pain point away from our users, and automate much of the tedious process of finding, inviting, testing and compensating the right participants for usability testing. Ultimately, UserZoom will further strengthen our position in the highly demanded and fast growing UX research and design space.”

UserZoom has a broad mix of tools available for UX researchers including; click testing, card sorts, feedback, intercepts, online surveys, tree sorts, unmoderated usability testing and more.

For WhatUsersDo, this enables the firm to be wrapped into the formidable UserZoom tool-set and platform, expanding existing client’s capabilities.

For UserZoom, this adds their powerful UX research platform together with the think-aloud qualitative toolset already widely used in Europe and beyond by WhatUsersDo customers. Conducting multinational UX studies has become more and more important as the world quickly shrinks due to advances in technology and the increasing utilization of mobile and app based tools.

For more information read the press release UserZoom Acquires WhatUsersDo.

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