Usability Testing Speech at the UXPA


Usability testing training speech and hands-on workshop at the UXPA Austin chapter

My recent speech and training session on Usability Testing was very well received by the 83 members of the UXPA Austin Chapter who attended.

I’ve been receiving more and more requests to speak at UX and usability events. I enjoy speaking at these events as it’s a great chance to educate the community on the application of usability testing to improve conversion and ROI of websites and applications. I also enjoy having a chance to meet others who share my interest in UX and usability.

Here is a brief 6 minute highlight video of the usability testing speech and training workshop I gave:

As I mentioned, I had the pleasure of giving a speech and a hands-on usability testing training session to a packed house of over 80 members of the Austin Chapter of the UXPA (User Experience Professional’s Association). It was an enthusiastic group, and everyone seemed to have a good time learning about and practicing the art and science of usability testing.

What is interesting to me is that even in this enlightened age of usability and UX, there are still many people working creating applications that are unaware of the power of usability testing, and user centered design. That is why I enjoy speaking at industry events, it is a small way I feel I am contributing to the common good, by espousing the benefits of usability testing in application development.

Craig Tomlin speaking to 80 members at the UXPA Austin Chapter Meeting

Prior to the training, I provided a brief overview to the UXPA group of what usability is, why it is so critical for business success, and the proper methods to use to conduct usability testing in one-on-one moderated situations.

Next, the group trained on in-person moderated one-on-one usability testing techniques. Each member of the group had a chance to participate either as a moderator or user. This gave everyone a chance to learn how to conduct a session, keep the user engaged using the think aloud method, and how to probe if the user uncovered a usability issue.

After the speech and training session, all of the attendees said they found the usability testing session very helpful and informative. Because they were testing actual websites and applications, many of them couldn’t wait to rush back to work next day to alert their teams with the findings of their testing. This is truly a case where the training and results from the training are instantly practicable.

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Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me speak at your event and I’ll be glad to get back to you with more information.