Usability Overview Presentation


An overview presentation about usability

On occasion I’m asked to define what usability is, and why usability can benefit an organization. I’ve had several versions of usability overview presentations, but nothing that really pulls all the information on the who, what, where, why, when and how of usability.

So I’ve created the usability overview presentation below to hopefully help inform (and inspire) people to include usability when developing systems. If nothing else, hopefully this can be a conversation-starter about usability for firms that have not yet added a usability component to their development life cycle.

Benefits of Usability

I believe there are many benefits of adding usability to development projects, but I think there are 4 primary benefits of adding usability to the software development life cycle that I touch on in the presentation, they are:

  • Limiting the need for expensive post-launch “revisions” of software
  • Improving user efficiency, which increases conversion
  • Reducing the time it takes to learn to use an application
  • Increasing user satisfaction, which positively impacts brand attitudes

I go into more detail about each of the benefits in the presentation.

As with most things, I think there’s always potential improvements that can be made, so please have a look at the presentation and let me know your thoughts – I welcome your feedback!


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