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Interview with the Founders with the founders of Mariana Lopez and Chris Sader. is a remote moderated UX research tool.

To me, and the founders of represent the ‘new wave’ of UX Research and usability testing tool entrepreneurs. Its founders, Mariana Lopez and Chris Sader are both UX research practitioners. Together, they thought about what’s missing from existing UX research approaches and tools and decided to not just complain, but do something about it!

Interview with Founders

I recently interviewed the founders, Mariana Lopez and Chris Sader, to learn more about who they are, why they created the tool, uses for and what their vision is for the near and long-term of UX. It’s a very interesting chance to learn more from these highly creative, yet efficiently practical, entrepreneurs.

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Headaches of Remote Moderated Usability Testing:

Anyone who has conducted extensive usability testing in a remote moderated basis will tell you it can be more painful setting up the test than actually doing the test. Trying to schedule participants is always a headache, as is trying to schedule the observers. Likewise, setting up the connection with the participant and going through the hassle of trying to get video, audio and the screen recording and monitoring all working can take precious minutes away from testing. Finally, sharing results and eliciting feedback from the observers is problematic and not as realtime as it should be.

Just like you and me, Mariana and Chris felt all these pain points. But unlike you and me, they did something about it, they created

What is

So what is It’s a remote moderated usability testing tool designed to make finding and connecting with participants, moderators and observers quick, easy and most importantly brain-dead simple. More than that, it also contains extremely easy yet effective recording and editing tools that make creating quick video snippets or assembling highlight reels super easy.  Finally, it enables real-time notes and observations among the moderator and observers which can be downloaded and used after the session to help communication with the team.

Why is Different:

The reason I say is different is because Mariana and Chris represent the ‘new age’ of UX research tool founders. That’s because they don’t have degrees in engineering, computer programming or business. They are not mocha-drinking, Tesla-driving, rich entrepreneurs enjoying the sweet life in Silicon Valley. They don’t have big investment companies backing them with names that sound like geologic rock formations.

Instead, they are UX practitioners that just like you and me have full time jobs. But unlike you and me, they saw the same need we all saw and decided to fill that need with a specialized tool designed to solve very specific, painful, remote moderated UX research problems.

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Entrepreneurial in spirit and creative in energy, they focused on providing the most simple, effective and efficient tool to eliminate the difficulties associated with scheduling, coordinating, recording, observing and editing remote moderated testing sessions. They then applied a ton of late night hours, and enlisted the help of a small expert team with diverse-backgrounds to help them build their vision.

The result? The simplicity and efficiency of their tool is remarkable. You don’t have to spend time completing a series of forms or downloading any software. Just login, enter a URL, and send a request to a participant to participate. Boom! Done!

Then, when a participant accepts your offer, just ping your observers with the same easy to use and simple request to observe and Boom! Your observer is connected and ready to watch with no hardware or software to buy or install. Pricing:

Pricing is also brain-dead simple. You don’t have to worry about different tiers of services or complex tiered structures with various forms of functionality based on your budget. Instead, just pick a plan! There are three to choose from as of the writing of this article:

Basic Plan: $49 a month gives you 10 hours of sessions per month, free access for participants and observers, and recordings are included. Simple, easy, perfect for occasional agile design checks or the “I need it every now and again” UX research crowd. Need extra hours? No worries, each additional hour is just $8 per session hour.

Advanced Plan: $149 a month gives you 25 hours of sessions per month, free access for participants and observers, recordings and clip downloads. This is a nice plan for firms that use agile in weekly sprints to design and test interfaces. Need a few more hours, not a problem as each additional session hour is only $7.

Expert Plan: $499 a month gives you 100 hours of sessions per month, free access for participants and observers and recordings and clip downloads. This is a great plan for bigger agencies and larger firms that conduct multiple studies per week. Need a few more hours? No sweat! It’s just $6 per hour for each additional session hour. and Remoted Moderated Usability Testing is a great choice for quick, painless and effective remote moderated usability testing and UX research projects. Its simplicity lies in the way it focuses on doing one thing (remote moderated testing) and doing it damn well. was founded by what I like to think of as the ‘new wave’ of entrepreneurs who with little in the way of resources but who work in ingenious ways to create a simple tool that solves annoying UX research problems.

Feel free to try out!  As of the writing of this article there’s a 30 day free trial with 10 hours of session recodings included.

To learn more about and hear from the Founders watch the interview!


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    I agree with you, there are a variety of online UX tools out there. But in the category of remote moderated testing tools there are not as many as with remote unmoderated testing tools. PS – my name is Craig, but you can call me Tom if that makes you feel better! 🙂

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