Top 20 UX Blogs the DEFINITIVE List


The top 20 UX blogs you HAVE to read if you are in any way associated with UX or user experience design [UPDATED 2018]

Top 20 UX BlogsNOTE: I’ve updated this list as of April 2018. I have been in the business of creating and marketing applications, websites and mobile experiences for quite a while now (over 20 years, ouch). I have built up a list over the years of my favorite UX blogs I visit. I use these to catch up on the latest trends in user experience and design. In the spirit of giving to the community here’s my list, feel free to add a comment if I’ve left off your favorite UX blog. Enjoy!

Top 20 UX Blogs in Alphabetical Order:

1. An Event Apart

An-Even-Apart-Useful-Usability-300x242An Event Apart is a series of UX training and education events held around the U.S. Their News section features videos, articles and resources that are educational, motivational and inspirational. It’s sort of the Ted for UX fans. Being able to attend one of their sessions is great. If you can’t attend, getting to observe, listen and learn by reading the articles or watching the videos is the next best thing.


2. Apple Developers Blog

Apple Developers BlogThe Apple developers blog (aka news and announcements) is probably more for you techies. But if you are developing mobile apps, or any Apple related projects, you need to hang out here (you probably already are). Every now and again there is a pretty cool UX update so it is worth scanning this even if you are not a techie. And to all my techie friends, love ya man!


3. Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and ArrowsBoxes and Arrows is nothing but a great big blog with tons of interaction design and UX articles. Having been around since 2001, it’s one of the few peer-written publishing sources that provide a platform for the latest thinking on design, interaction, experience, research and testing. It’s an informative read and always worth a read, make sure you bookmark this! Now!


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4. Econsultancy

Econsultancy blogEconsultancy is a digital marketing firm, so this blog admittedly is mostly marketing focused. But you will find plenty of interesting UX articles here, especially as they relate to how people consume and interact with digital content. It is interesting the number of times their blog comes up when I’m searching for a specific UX topic. Well done Econsultancy content team!


5. Experientia Putting People First

Experientia Putting People First blogExperientia, the global design consultancy based in Italy provides another great source for UX thought leadership and information. Not only do the Italians make an amazing Fettuccine, they also create some amazing blogs on User Experience and design. This blog is definitely worth coming back to often, if you are not already in the habit. Putting People First is an apt name for the content here.


6. Invision Blog

InvisionApp-Blog-Useful-Usability-300x232The Invision Blog is another handy resource for design and interface tips, tricks and advice. Led by the team at Invision, the creators of the popular wireframing and prototyping UX tool, this blog has a nice mix of design inspiration, interface tips and UX best practices. Wandering through this blog and the many articles will feed your UX design mojo. This is a must-bookmark for anyone creating apps or websites.


7. LukeW

LukeW blogLukeW (aka Luke Wroblewski) is a leading authority on web design and especially forms and functions in the online world. But the only thing harder than spelling his last name correctly is finding the great articles by subject in his blog (Luke, a SEARCH tool might be handy. Just sayin). Luckily Google search can help you find the amazing content available on his blog, it’s worth the effort!


8. Mashable UX Category

Mashable UX categoryMashable is the very well known publication of founder and CEO Pete Cashmore (who could have been a billion dollar male model if he had wished). Their articles cover all aspects of online life, but for UX fans there is a UX category that has interesting content worth reviewing. Some of the articles go to sources mentioned above, but all are good.


9. MauroNewMedia

MauroNewMedia blogCharles L. Mauro, considered one of the founding fathers of the HCI/UX movement he started waaaaay back in the 70s (and leader of MauroNewMedia) has this little blog, which is waaaaay worth your time to browse. The blog is not updated often, but has a variety of topics that cover the range of user experience and, dare I say, “Human Computer Device Interaction.” And anybody that worked on the Space Shuttle is way cool in my book!


10. MSDN Blog > UX search

MSDN Blog UX searchHaving given the Apple developers a nod, it’s only fair we also include the good UX posts available over at Microsoft. The Microsoft MSDN blog is where the public can access the thoughts and ideas shared by the Microsoft developer team. Doing a Search for UX on the MSDN blog will provide you with a wealth of interesting and informative thoughts on user experience and design.


11.Β Nielsen Norman Group Alertbox

Nielsen Norman Group AlertboxThe NN/g Alertbox is another staple of UX and design thought leadership. If you need to learn the right way to do UX, you should definitely spend time here. Interestingly, most of the articles published even way back years ago still apply today. Good design is, well, good design! By the way, if you are looking for cool graphics don’t come here! This is all about usability and information flow. Cat videos on YouTube this ain’t.


12. Smashing Magazine UX Category

Smashing Magazine UX categorySmashing Magazine has been a staple for the online design community since 2006. Owned by a German firm, the quality of their content is probably some of the very best you’ll find on the interwebz. The articles in the UX category are usually rich with information and a great resource to refer to again and again.


13. TandemSeven

TandemSeven-300TandemSeven is a UX company that provides design and development services along with some pretty cool UX tools. Their blog has a heavy focus on Personas, which is in my opinion right on, as I believe Personas are the most critical based of any development or design exercise. Adding my bud Phil Goddard PhD. to the team adds to their research and testing thought leadership.


14. UIE Brainsparks

User Interface Engineering Brainsparks blogUser Interface Engineering and the Brainsparks blog is the creation of Jared M. Spool, a renowned force in the user experience world (and hater of bad airline trips as his tweets will testify). There is an excellent amount of UX content here, salted with a dash of marketing fluff for their conferences and talks. But hey, that’s business, right? This is a must bookmark site for UX aficionados.


15. User Experience Magazine

UXPA-User-Experience-Magazine-Useful-Usability-300x232User Experience Magazine is the online version of the traditional printed quarterly magazine. The UXPA (formerly UPA) or User Experience Professional’s Association is the publisher. I had the opportunity to be on the editorial board for a while, and it was a real pleasure working with Gerry Gaffney, Aga Bojko, Aaron Marcus and the rest of the team there. Each quarter, make it a necessity to drop by the magazine and be enlightened.


16. Useful Usability

Useful-Usability-300x228OK, it is my website (but then again it is my list). Actually, I have been known from time to time to write pretty decent and helpful blog posts, including the most popular 14 Usability Testing Tools and a few others. I’ve also been privileged to post a few interesting interviews with some of the movers and shakers in UX including Dave Garr ( and Paul Veugen (Usabilla). I also list UX Job postings too!


17.Β  UX Booth

UX BoothUX Booth was created in 2009 by founders Andrew Maier and my friend Matthew Kammerer. The site is focused toward beginner to intermediate UX fans but frequently there are highly informative and interesting articles there for just about anybody that is into UX. With over 31,000 subscribers it’s gratifying to know this source of UX information has been very popular among UX practitioners across the globe.


18. UX Magazine

UX MagazineUX Magazine was founded in 2005 and is one of the top sources of UX information on the internet. The constant stream of high quality and educational articles makes this a must stop destination for UX practitioners or students. Among the articles there are also UX job postings and listings of events and scholarly papers and books. Because of the news magazine format, it’s not only educational, but a delight to read. Make sure you bookmark this site and visit often!


19. UXmatters

UXmattersAnother long-time UX online publication, UXmatters was founded by Pabini Gabriel-Petit in 2005, and provides insights and inspiration to both professionals working in all aspects of user experience from students to advanced practitioners. It’s well worth bookmarking and visiting often.

20. UX Movement

UX-Movement-Useful-Usability-300x232UX Movement is a handy resource for anyone who wants helpful tips, recommendations and approaches to designing interfaces or objects within an interface. If you need to know the right way to design a user experience for websites or apps, this is a handy reference tool to bookmark. In UX design, if you have a problem see if it’s already addressed by someone else. This blog may have your answer!


Conclusion: Top 20 UX Blogs the DEFINITIVE List

So there you have it, my list of the top 20 UX blogs you have to read to stay current with the latest and greatest in UX and user experience design. If you feel like I’ve left off your favorite be sure to include it in the Comments below!


  1. You’re welcome! And thank YOU for the outstanding service you’ve provided our community throughout the years. All while going to school! Pretty impressive. πŸ™‚

  2. All of my most favourite are mentioned -Smashing Magazine, UXbooth an UXmatters.

    All of them have very useful & interesting information.

    P.S There are quite many very good books out there but it’s shame that it’s hard to find really great online courses about UX.

  3. Thanks Guntis,

    And odd that you mention online UX courses. I actually am aware of a very good UX practitioner who is setting up online training courses as we speak! You’ll be able to learn more about them, and get a link to them, on my blog. Stay tuned! I’m hoping to have that announcement next week!

  4. Hi Craig,

    Great list! I would also add the following:

    Usabilla Blog:

    And my blog UsabilityGeek πŸ™‚

    Keep up the great work!


  5. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Tom Coleman agrees with you and has already posted Jeff’s blog in the comments. Thanks for the confirmation!

  6. Thanks Justin,

    Yes, Usabilla is already added. Hah, nice way to add your site there too! LOL. Consider it recognized! πŸ™‚

  7. It’s nice, thanks for sharing Fabricio. Only, you left off one really helpful blog with lots and lots of articles on useful usability. Ahem *cough cough*


  8. Thanks for sharing such a great list Craig.

    One of my personal faves would be UX Mastery


  9. I have to commend W Craig Tomlin for such a great list. I think all UX/UCD/IA Designers could make valid use of the knowledge to improve their designs.

    Good pick.
    UX Sherlock.

  10. My favourite is a UX blog by the Head of UX at WhatUsersDo (EU’s biggest UX research company). The guy used to be a sci-fi writer or something, so he has a great writing style, and quite funny from time-to-time.

  11. I would suggest checking out my blog,

    It would be great if you could add it to the list in this article πŸ™‚

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