Today is World Usability Day


World Usability Day, Nov 12, 2009

Today is November 12, 2009 which means it’s officially World Usability Day. In honor of World Usability Day, the theme of which is “Designing for a Sustainable World” consider how you might make a small contribution to the cause.

From a design standpoint, making things more usable, more efficient, provides a way to promote sustainability. From a human standpoint, doing something to promote sustainability, like recycling bottles and cans at your office, riding a bike to work, or turning a few lights off that are not needed can help. Letting more people know about World Usability Day, and the importance of making the things we use more usable is another excellent way to promote sustainability.

And the World Usability Day site is also promoting sustainability. On the website you can order a free LED light (you just pay shipping and handling) to replace an energy inefficient filament bulb with an LED bulb. The supply is limited to 1,000 free LEDs, so hurry. Just use the WUD2009 promo code on checkout. That’s another small way you can help promote a sustainable world.

For more information about World Usability Day you can read my recent interview with World Usability Day found Elizabeth Rosenzweig.

Spread the word about World Usability Day, and do just one small thing to promote sustainability. Put together, our little small things can grow into a mountain of big things that help our world, and each other!

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