Speaking at World Usability Congress 2016


Speaking at World Usability Congress 2016 is an honor!

World Usability Congress 2016 Craig Tomlin I’ll be speaking at World Usability Congress 2016 and I’m very excited about that! I’ll be giving two presentations at this year’s congress. My first talk will be on combining UX behavioral data with usability data to get a much more comprehensive view into the user experience of a website. With this comprehensive view, it is much easier to make better informed decisions on what and how to optimize a website.

My second presentation is a workshop on how to conduct a usability test. This how-to usability test session has been a crowd favorite at other conferences and UX meetups and I’m sure will be another one here.

This year, the WUC2016 will be held in October at Graz, Austria.

I’m excited to be speaking at World Usability Congress for several reasons:

First, this event and others I mentioned in my 2016 UX predictions post is I believe one of the meaningful cross-roads of the rapidly increasing UX cross-pollination between the US, Europe and other parts of the globe. Attendees will be coming from all over Europe and beyond. This promotes the sharing of ideas, best practices and interactivity between diverse groups of UX professionals.

Second, I enjoy speaking about one of my favorite subjects, UX Research. My presentation will be a good one: combining the behavioral data that comes from analytics programs such as Google Analytics with performance-based data coming from usability tests. By combining behavioral data with usability data you obtain much more comprehensive, what I refer to as a 360 degree view of your user experience.

I like to think about it like this:

I will spend time during my presentation explaining how to find the behavioral and performance-based usability testing data, analyze that data, and use the analysis to improve the user experience of any website.

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Third and most importantly, I’m excited because I enjoy having a chance to meet the other UX attendees at the conference. It’s very enjoyable and educational to spend time with the other attendees and presenters. Conferences offer the opportunity to learn from others and their unique perspectives and experiences. It’s always enjoyable to chat with other UX fans about what experiences and skills they bring to the collective UX brotherhood. I always learn something new and interesting in the hallway conversations and casual meetups with attendees.

I look forward to meeting as many attendees as possible during World Usability Congress 2016. I hope you will register to attend and that I’ll have the chance to meet you there as well!


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