One Word Increased Open Rates 19 Percent


Video: How one word increased open rates 19 percent for an email newsletter campaign.

Learn what the word is and why UX and Marketing folks must know the reason it works so well.

How-One-Word-Increased-Open-Rates-19-PercentOne word increased email open rates by 19 percent?


And for any of you who are marketing or UX fans this is important news.


Because when we create our user experiences or communications, we can sometimes forget that simple things that motivate people and bring the humanity into a conversation can be attractive and even persuasive, and that it is very easy to forget this when we are designing for people.

Email Open Rates by Subject Line:

To test how well this motivation word would work, I divided my email list into two equal groups. Both groups received the exact same email. The only difference was the addition of the word in one of the two groups.

One group received the original email subject line, and one received the email line with the additional motivational word.

Here are the open rate results for the two emails:

  • A – Original email subject line without the word: 24.1% Open Rate
  • B – Test email subject line with the word: 28.7% Open Rate

The percentage point difference between the A version without the word and the B version with the word was + 4.6 percent. That means the B version had 19% more opens versus the A version.

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For email campaigns an open rate 19 percent higher is a very significant increase and can easily be the difference between a successful campaign and one that fails.

And the important point here is the key concept of using this word to make the same improvement in any other communications or user experiences, not just email subject lines.

Watch this video to learn more about how to improve email open rates or any user experience or marketing communication:

Do Not Forget We Design for People

We design our experiences, websites, marketing communications and applications for people. Although this seems like a no-brainer or “duh” statement, it is amazing how many times we accidentally leave out the motivators that attract and retain the attention of the people we design for.

Case in point, examine your website or marketing communication.

Count how many times you use the words “we” “us” our “ours.” Now count the number of times you use the words “you” “your” “yours.” You may find that you are in the majority of sites and communications that use “we” words more often than “you” words.

If you are guilty of this (and I was), then you are forgetting that you are designing for people. You are forgetting that those people you are designing for are motivated when they clearly understand how your site, your app or your marketing piece can help them solve their issues, using motivational words that attract their attention.

Do not forget that we design for people.

Watch How I Increased Open Rates 19 Percent

So watch this video on how I increased open rates by 19 percent and you will have a much better sense of what it takes to motivate the people you are designing for.

For more information on using the Principles of Persuasion to help motivate people, read my article: How to Optimize Conversion with 6 Persuasion Principles.

And if you have other suggestions for motivation, add them in the comments so we can all grow more knowledgeable together!

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