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Lookback.io Review a Mobile UX User Recording Tool

Lookback.io-Review-by-Craig-Tomlin-UsefulUsabilityLookback.io is a mobile UX user recording tool that captures screen interaction, voice and video of the user directly from his or her device. Recordings are hosted on Lookback.io and can be downloaded for use in UX research and usability testing.

Lookback.io is a good tool for mobile UX & usability research, but with a few issues to be aware of.

This review includes a video that displays Lookback.io in action. UX and usability practitioners should consider Lookback.io for their mobile UX research needs.

The Lookback.io Review by Craig Tomlin

Lookback.io is an interesting tool for capturing mobile interactivity, including the screen interaction, voice and even the face of the tester. This is a good choice in tools for conducting UX and usability research on mobile websites, apps and related interactions. As with any tool, there are a few minor issues, but overall this is a great solution for UX researchers who need to capture and record the full range of user experience on mobile devices.

Video Review of Lookback.io

This video review of Lookback.io will demonstrate how effective this tool is in easily capturing the mobile user experience across devices. Lookback.io includes the ability to record all screen interactions on the mobile phone, plus the voice and even the face of the tester as they interact with their cell phone. This makes it an extremely valuable tool for capturing the full range of user experience on mobile devices. It’s a MUCH better choice than using clunky old-school approaches of mounting a mobile device to a stand and placing a camera over it.

Lookback.io home pageLookback.io includes several nice features, including a very simple and easy interface for the tester, the fact that it’s an all-in-one app so no extra 3rd party apps or functions are required and the ability for the tester to control whether the voice and video are recorded, or not (handy for those testers who do not like their face being recorded).

On the UX researcher side, the interface was for me a bit confusing at first as I struggled a bit to find my video. But once I had sorted out how to find my tester, invite them to my group and then add his video to my group it all became much easier.

I love that you can download the recording for editing purposes, and I appreciate the ability for multiple people in your group to be able to share and comment on the recording in the Lookback.io interface.

Lookback.io Devices Supported

Lookback.io devices supported include all your favorites including iPhones, OS X and Android devices. However, you should be aware of a few minor issues. Lookback.io requires the more recent OS versions of these devices, currently it supports:

  • iOS 8+
  • OS X 10.10+
  • Android 5.0+

Another issue to be aware of is that for iOS you do need to have a jailbroke phone, this will definitely be an issue for testers who are not comfortable doing that to their iPhones.

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Lookback.io also requires that the tester upload the video to the Lookback.io website after the recording is complete. The bad news is this can take a very long time, depending on how much you are recording. The good news is the app enables upload of the video when wifi is present, meaning you won’t have an irate tester who used all their month’s bandwidth trying to upload the recording.

Lookback.io is a Good Way to Record Mobile UX

Lookback.io is a very good way to record your mobile UX when conducting research into mobile websites, applications or functions and features that you need feedback on. I tested it and found the ease of use for both me and my testers to be very good.

If you are conducting mobile UX or usability research I recommend you go check out and test Lookback.io.

Go ahead and give it a try, and let me and the rest of the UsefulUsability fans know what you think about it in the comments below!



  1. I am UX designer and I am very interested with this tool , I have question if I download this app on one of the company devices let’s say iPhone 6 can I record more than one user doing the same test on the same mobile ?

  2. Hi Ahmad, thanks for your question.

    Although I’m not the product developer, I’m pretty confident that because their system lies on the device, anybody who uses that device can potentially be a tester. So if for example your mom uses an iPhone and you download their software, you can record her using it, and later you can record your dad using the same iPhone (as long as mom doesn’t mind of course). For details, I’d suggest you visit lookback.io.

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