Guerrilla UX Studies Workshop at Car HMi


Guerrilla UX Studies Workshop at Car HMi 2018 Conference in Detroit, Michigan

Guerrilla-UX-Studies-Workshop-Car-HMi-Useful-UsabilityI’m pleased to have been invited to conduct my popular Guerrilla UX Studies workshop at this year’s Car HMi conference in Detroit, Michigan. This workshop is a crowd favorite. The reason why is attendees get to conduct hands-on training in UX research and analysis.

This Guerrilla UX Studies workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use this speedy approach for gathering usability data from actual users. Guerrilla UX studies are growing in number and popularity precisely because they can be done almost anywhere, almost anytime, and with almost anyone.

Guerrilla UX Studies Workshop:

This workshop will focus on the pros and cons of this fast, inexpensive, and flexible methodology. Learn how and when to put Guerrilla UX studies into the UX design process. Plus get hands-on training in how to conduct effective sessions, analyze results and transfer the knowledge to other team members.

I’ve found that UX Designers, Developers, Marketing and even Product teams enjoy learning about and using this methodology. My attendees have typically been conducting some form of usability testing or UX research, but often on a limited basis. This is because the methods they use typically take time to set up, run and analyze.

But with my proven Guerrilla UX Studies workshop they learn a new and very valuable skill.

Attendees learn how and when to conduct UX Research ‘in the wild.’ These studies can be done almost instantly, almost anywhere, with almost anyone. Results from the studies are instantly available to their team, which is a big advantage over other UX research methods.

Schedule a Guerrilla UX Studies Workshop for Your Team:

I hope to see you at this year’s Car HMi conference. But if you can’t attend, or if you want to have me instruct your team on how to conduct Guerrilla UX Studies, just contact me. I’ll be happy to provide a proposal for this popular in-person, hands-on workshop.


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