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New online course Designing for Productivity in the User eXperience now available My good (and patient!) friend Dr. Deborah Mayhew, a renowned UX and usability...

Dave Garr photo, co-founder of

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Interview with Dave Garr, Co-founder of My friend Dave Garr is probably one of the most non-famous Famous usability and UX thought-leaders around. If...

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Interview with Mads Soegaard, Founder of My friend Mads Soegaard is a man possessed. Possessed by the feeling that information, especially information about usability,...

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An Interview with Whitney Quesenbery This is an interview with Whitney Quesenbery, one in a series of interviews with people in our industry who have...

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Guy Kawasaki’s Fireside Chat with Vic Gundotra on Google+ #sxsw #google+ Howdy all! So I’m dusting off the Useful Usability blog, sorry for the delay in...

Useful Usability interview with Paul Veugen, founder of Usabilla

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Interview with Paul Veugen, founder of the remote usability testing tool Usabilla Paul Veugen is a fresh out of university entrepreneur and founder of the...

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