About Useful Usability

Hello and welcome to Useful Usability!

Useful usability is a blog with the goal of providing you with helpful tips, insights and tools you can use to improve the usability of web sites or applications. I hope to keep things simple, light and most importantly USEFUL for you, to provide you with an easy and quick way to gain usability knowledge.

Why should you care about usability? Because making web sites or applications easier to use improves the user experience, meaning more sales from a web site or more transactions from an application, and that means more revenue for you!

So who am I and why should you read these useful usability posts?

Craig Tomlin of Useful Usability fameMy name is Craig Tomlin (pleased to meet you!) and I’m a Certified Usability Analyst, a former President of the Austin Chapter of the User Experience Professional’s Association, and you might be surprised to hear I’ve been improving web sites and applications since 1996.

I’ve worked for start-ups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, and probably have worked with a firm like yours! I’ve conducted well over 500 usability testing sessions, research studies, focus groups, survey development projects, web site redesign projects and other assorted user experience projects, and you may be shocked to learn I have broken up more fights over what’s the right way to present stuff on the home page than I can remember.

The Goal of Useful Usability

If you’re reading this then congratulations, you’re obviously a fan (or at least somewhat interested in) useful usability! That means you’re smarter than the average person, considering most organizations still don’t practice user-centered design from project inception through to go-live. My goal is to provide you with useful usability information and tips you can use to help improve your web sites and applications. And if you and I have a little fun and a few laughs here while learning about usability then so much the better!

I hope you’ll take advantage of the Comment form to leave comments, together we can all grow wiser about useful ways to incorporate usability in our web sites and applications!

I hope to hear from you!

W Craig Tomlin