5 Inspirational UX Videos in Under 10 Minutes


Watch These 5 Inspirational UX Videos in Under 10 Minutes

Need some UX inspiration, or just a quick break to re-set your design mojo? Great! I’m here to help!

I’ve collected five short but very inspirational, powerful and useful UX videos you can watch in well under 10 minutes. Get UX smarts, get inspired, get motivated and then get on with the other things you have to do today. Enjoy!

1. Don Norman: The Term UX (1:49)

Hear from the actual UX Guru who invented the term “UX” what it actually means. Most people use the term UX to fit a concept, activity or organizational structure they current are in. But what did UX actually represent when it was invented? Find out in less than two minutes!

2. 10 Days of UX Design? Done! (1:18)

How do you design 10 websites in 10 days? With the help of Adobe Creative Cloud, Berkeley student Ziqi Chen created mock-ups for a date planning app, a craft website, a photo editing app, and more.

This is a bit of an ad for Adobe, but two things really stood out to me as cool.

  • First, she was able to take her inspiration and convert it into designs amazingly quickly – one day quickly to be exact!
  • Second, HINT, YOU could make a video like this for your UX Design Portfolio website! It’s quick, fast, explains what you did and will put you head and shoulders above the competition!

You can thank me after you’ve won that perfect new UX Design gig!

3. UI / UX Design Process (1:15)

Crank up your headphones and get ready for a fast-paced time-compressed view of the UI and UX design process with a beat! Tolga Ozisik shares this short but awesome video on how the company Awesome makes Apps (yeah, that’s their name, Awesome). Get ready to start tapping your feet and enjoy!

4. Can UX Be Fun? 10 Examples (1:02)

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Turns out the answer is hell to the yeah, UX can be fun! Bram Joosten shares with us some really nice inspiration for UX designs that go above the boring, yet still work to communicate an action has occurred. Need some brain-caffeine for your dull UX design? Here you go!

5. UX Design Techniken Paper Prototypes Mit Apps (1:20)

Thinking Sie that you need expensive online prototyping tools to create designs? Well this little video by eresultgmbh is here to tell you heck no, er, Nien! Have a look at how simple paper can be used to quickly create an app prototype. This is for all you kids that just couldn’t get enough of your paper, scissors, pens and glue in school.

Conclusion: 5 UX Videos in Under 10 Minutes for Inspiration!

So I promised you 5 inspirational videos that should cause your UX mojo to start flowing. Did it work? Let me know in the comments.

Oh, yeah, do you have a video you’d like to add to this list? Be sure to add them down below in the comments. Thanks all and enjoy the rest of your day!


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