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360 UX Videos from 54 Conferences

36-UX-Videos-UsefulUsability360 UX Videos from 54 UX and Design conferences around the world. Watch these to learn UX design from the masters.

360 UX and Design Videos from 54 design conferences around the world means you can watch a video a day, with a few breaks for the holidays, for an entire year! The fine folks at Uido.net have put this treasure trove together, so a shout out to them.

Think of the knowledge and skills you would acquire in UX and design in just one year from one source.

If you are a UX designer, researcher, product manager or website owner, these videos are a goldmine of good advice and guidance. Watch talks from experts such as:

  • Jesse James Garrett
  • Peter Merholz
  • Mike Monteiro
  • Don Norman
  • Jared Spool
  • Luke Wroblewski
  • and 354 more!

Why 360 UX Videos Matter

The reason why these 360 UX videos matter is because of the ability it provides you to get into the minds, and hearts, of the UX greats. By hanging out with people who we aspire to be like, we change ourselves and improve on our own abilities. Watching these videos, especially if you commit to one a day is the same as hanging out with these industry luminaries.

Videos, Conferences and Speakers Categories

A nice feature of the Uideo.net site is the ability to sort videos by conferences, speakers or by category. The categories of videos are tagged and include:

  • UX
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Google
  • Government
  • and a host of other tags

Another nice feature is the ability to sort by newest, oldest, top rated or low rating (why low rating? I’m not sure).

A minor annoyance is the stealthy darker gray on lighter gray text the categories and tabs use. This breaks UX Golden Rule #9, “Strong Contrasting Text Colors Help Visitors Read and Engage.” But other than that this is a really nice way to find all the UX videos you could wish for in one handy locale.

Conclusion: 360 UX Videos

Alright, enough reading about the 360 UX videos, let’s go watch a few! View the UX Videos on Uideo.net and let me know which videos are your favorites!

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