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Nielsen Causes Twitter Uproar – Stop Password Masking?

Twitter’s all A-Flutter Over Nielsen’s Alertbox: Stop Password Masking Jakob Nielsen, usability guru, doesn’t look to me like a big trouble maker. However, his latest Alertbox, “Stop Password Masking” proves he’s ready to come out punching. He’s caused quite a … Continue reading

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Usability Engineering 10 Years Later

It’s been 10 years since Mayhew wrote “The Usability Engineering Lifecycle,” How far has usability come since then? It sometimes surprises me to find out that my parents were right. I distinctly remember them saying “Boy, time sure does speed … Continue reading

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Design & Usability Conflict of Interest?

Should an Agency, or Designer, Conduct Usability Testing on Their Own Designs? Among the spam and family emails I get from my mom (hi Mom!) I sometimes receive questions from colleagues about usability. This post is about a question related … Continue reading

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